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Ayyappa Swamy Temple Pendurthi is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. This temple popular by the name “Uttarandhra Sabarimala” and is located near to Pendurthi, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.


The Idol of Ayyappa Swamy will be installed in the year 2020. This idol was prepared using five metals gold, silver, lead, copper and iron which is called Panchaloha. There are 18 holy steps to the shrines similar to Sabarimala steps.Devotees who practice Ayyappa Deeksha will their Deeksha by visiting this temple. Unlike Sabarimala, there is no age restriction for female devotees, anyone can visit this holy shrine. Devotees who can’t travel long used to end their Deeksha by visiting this temple. This temple will be heavily crowded during Makara Sankranti day. Thousands of devotees who were in Deeksha used to visit this temple to watch Makara Jyoti and Makara Vilakku which marks the ends of their Deeksha. On Makara Sankranti day, Lord Ayyappa will be taken out in a procession on a Hamsa shaped chariot.

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