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Guidelines to Deeksha


Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa
• Take bath in early morning and evening with cold water or room temperature water.
• Daily visit temple.
• Do the pooja twice a day, morning (before sun rise) and evening (after sunset).
• Do your regular daily pooja followed by Ashotharam (108 namas) to Ganesh, Subramanyam, Durga & Ayyappan.
• Chant Hairivarasanam only after evening Pooja.
• Fruits as Naivedyam for Ayyappan are OK.
• Take bath as soon you come home in the evening from work.
• Wear Saffron, Blue or Black Dress( black is preferable)
• You should never take the mala out.
• Use fresh clothes every day. So, have two pairs of black dress and wash them every day.
• Fruits will be best for Breakfast
• Lunch: Should take fresh cooked food before noon. No left overs from previous day.
• Dinner: Should take light food like, upma, idli.
• No onion,garlic, egg or meat products.
• Outside food should be completely avoided.
• If any Ayyappa Swamy or family friends calls you for Annadanam you should not refuse the invitation. Make sure they should have prepared the meal after taking bath and women shouldnot be in their monthly cycle, etc.
• When you or your spouse is preparing meal, make sure to take a bath before cooking.
• Avoid Entertainment
• Control Anger and talk less.
• Call all women (including wife) as Matha and men as Swamy
• Bramhacharyam: Should not even touch your spouse.
• During monthly cycle for women, Swamy should prepare the meal for everyone.
• No Smoking, Drinking.
• No footwear (most of us go to office which cannot be avoided, try to avoid as much as possible)
• Not supposed to shave your beard or comb your hair and No nails cutting
• Try to attend as many as bhajans in your deeksha time.
• Try to have tulasi leaf with you to be away from evil thoughts.

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